Relation Between Smoking And Heart Disease

Smoking affects all parts of your body in every way. Smoking responsible for many types of health damage not only to the heart but also to every part of the body. People who smoke regularly need to consult Best Cardiologist Near You. Smoking and heart disease are interconnected. If you want to prevent heart disease, you have to quit smoking.


Smoking and Death


In India, every year about 1 crore of people dies due to the consumption of tobacco. It can also increase the risk of lung cancer. It also damages your kidneys. Now, you can understand how dangerous smoking is?


Smoking And Heart Disease

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1. People who smoke cigarettes are more at risk of diseases affecting the blood vessels and heart.


2. People who consume less than 5 cigarettes in a day also start showing early signs of heart disease. If you smoke more than 5 cigarettes in a day, think about how higher your chances of getting heart disease.


3. Smoking makes the blood vessels narrow and thick. Due to which clots of blood can also freeze.


4. Coronary artery passage is blocked due to blood clotting. Due to which muscles of one part of the heart start dying. This is one of the main causes of a heart attack. So, stop smoking as soon as possible. You can also consult a heart specialist for this.


5. Smoking can also damage your blood vessels, and the arteries that supply blood to your brain can get blocked. This causes so much serious damage to the coronary arteries that your arteries stop beating. So, if you smoke actively, contact the cardiologist doctor near you immediately.


6 A person who smokes cigarettes has twice the risk of heart attack than a person who does not smoke.


If you smoke, quit it as soon as possible and have your heart checked regularly and visit the best cardiologist near you. If you are suffering from any heart-related problem, contact a cardiologist immediately.

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